Combining expertise in heat loss, wireless monitoring, insulation design, and several other disciplines, we’ve become the #1 provider and fabricator of removable insulation blankets and covers. The Thermaxx Sales and Service teams are experienced and trained to provide clients with the most timely and cost-effective solution.

The Experts In Removable Thermal Insulation Jackets

Our jackets are designed to be removed and replaced in minutes by any personnel.





Thermaxx Jackets always use high-quality materials and are expertly designed for specific components, so they fit tight and do their job right.

All Thermaxx Jackets are backed by our industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Our Insulation Jacket Products

There’s simply no substitute for a Thermaxx insulation jacket. Regardless of the form they take, Thermaxx Jackets all have 3 characteristics that separate them from the pack:

Thermaxx Thermal Insulation Jackets

Thermaxx Jackets offers high-quality removable thermal insulation blanket solutions for steam system components and extremely high temperature applications. Whenever your insulated component requires maintenance or repair, traditional fiberglass insulation must be damaged or permanently removed to complete the work. The bare component is rarely reinsulated, resulting in wasted energy and pricey utility bills. That’s why universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, multifamily buildings, office buildings, the oil and gas industry, chemical processing plants, and many more invest in thermal blanket insulation that can be reinstalled!


Keep costly heat from escaping from your equipment providing maximum energy and cost savings. Hot jackets are designed with high-quality materials like heat-resistant thread and jacketing to ensure they can handle temperatures as high as 1,200°F!

Examples of our custom-fit Thermaxx Jackets

Buy with confidence! Thermaxx insulation blankets are backed by a 5-year guarantee.

Available for wet or dry applications, for indoor and out, our serviceable insulation can also be built with grommets that provide water drainage solutions to help prevent corrosion under insulation.

Full Service Insulation Solutions

Thermaxx offers turn-key full-service insulation solutions. Rely on our experience and expertise every step of the way. We begin by conducting, analyzing, and reporting on your facility’s heat loss survey to find the best opportunities to improve energy efficiency with removable insulation blankets or otherwise. Next, we’ll assist you in obtaining project approval & procurement including incentives & financing support. Finally, we'll measure your components, manufacture your insulation blankets, and install them as intended. 

Brandon Buchleiter, Hydro Vac Production Manager, KAISER PREMIER

"We have been using Thermaxx insulated jackets on our Hydro-Vac trucks for 8 years and have not had any issue with hoses freezing in outside operating temperatures that have reached below -45°F.I would recommend that if anyone is looking for a proven and durable insulated jacket, Thermaxx Jackets will have you covered."

Hear From Our Customers

Brian Pine, Energy Management Coordinator, New Paltz University

"Great News! Thermaxx completed a NYPA funded project with results exceeding expectations! Installing thermal blankets throughout the campus will save us thousands of dollars make our ME rooms safer. SUNY New Paltz congratulates Thermaxx on a job well done!"

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